“Maida Townsend is a highly valued and very respected member of the House Government Operations Committee. Her remarkable consensus building skills and her thoughtful, thorough work on legislation are much valued by her peers in the Legislature. Maida’s constituents should know that she continues to walk on water.”

Donna Sweaney,
Chair of House Government Operations Committee
June 2016


Carole, November 9, 2017
“Just had to let you know how kick-ass awesome you are!
(excuse my language please)
I love that you go around to speak to your constituents, your neighborhood -
AND that you report on it.
That you care. 
Wish everyone in public service were like YOU.”


Jan, October 29, 2017
“Thank you for your gifts of time, presence, and for your thoughtful sharing during our conversation… I do appreciate the way you shared your life and hopes with us. Thank you, Maida.   I am grateful for what you do and how you do it.”


Helen, October 6, 2017
“Thank you, Maida, for all your considerable leg work on this.”


Donald, September 22, 2017
“Thanks so much for listening to my rants today! It always helps to ventilate when re-visiting the haunts of battles fought. It’s good to be among kindred spirits, especially those of you who still carry the battle flags into the fight…”


David, September 15, 2017
“I just heard back from VSP and they are scanning the report and attaching it to an email to me so I should be all set. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it very much.”


Kathy, September 15, 2017
“Have a great meeting. I truly appreciate your work as our representative. You are doing a terrific job!”


Hayley, August 30, 2017
“On behalf of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and the International Refugee Assistance Project, we would like to thank you for your support and leadership in signing on to this important letter urging President Trump to resettle at least 75,000 refugees in the coming fiscal year.”


Susie, June 14, 2017
“Maida, your kind words meant the world to me. Thank you, Maida, for allowing me to start my day this way”


Loretta and Steve, June 10, 2017
“We have read your most informative and helpful 2017 End of Session Legislative Report. Thank you and congratulations on your good work. It is so great the Notaries Law was updated and a really big success with the Ethics Law! We would say you have great skill as a legislator but we know it is also a willingness to work really hard.”


Carmine, June 9, 2017
“Thanks for publishing and delivering the newsletter. You are a gem and an excellent representative for the people.”


Allison, June 7, 2017
“I am your neighbor in CHT Queensbury Co-op down the road & just received your great report on my door! I was very pleased to see the bit of paper stuck in my door after getting home from work!”


Stephanie, May 19, 2017
“Thank you for your article.  It lays out the law, and helps me understand why you needed to vote for this. We are on the same page.”


Judy, May 15, 2017
“Just read your article…great job explaining your reluctance, and then
acceptance of this bill.  Very informative!”


Jay, May 8, 2017
“Thank you so much for your detailed analysis of the Webb/Beck amendments.  Your points are well taken.”


Loretta, April 8, 2017
“Thank you so much for your detailed analysis of the Webb/Beck amendments.  Your points are well taken.”


Trevor, March 28, 2017
“I appreciate you taking the time to craft such a thoughtful response.  I fully realize that in the end the vote is yours to make and you will do what you believe is best for the citizens of our state.  Although I might be disappointed in a yes vote I still respect who you are and the hard work you do… Thanks again for your time, your thoughtful deliberation and mostly for being brutally honest with your thinking.”


Suzy, March 26, 2017
“Thank you for the time you put into that detailed explanation.”


Tracey, March 17, 2017
“I wanted to say a friendly hello to you, and a thank you again for the work you did on the LSA training/certification.”


Nancy, March 17, 2017
“Thank you so much for joining the Tibetan Association of Vermont on March 10th.  Your presence was so appreciated!  Your words were heartfelt and inspiring.  It means so much to the Tibetan residents of South Burlington, and indeed to all members of Vermont’s Tibetan community to know that you support our efforts.”


Larry, March 3, 2017
“Just a note to thank you for your support of H.94 sponsored by Rep. Laura Sibilia to assist 100% disabled Vets”


Shirley, February 24, 2017
“Thanks for the link to the report on the $15 wage. It is very good. We appreciate all your good work.”


Nancy, February 14, 2017
“A year ago, you generously gave your time to work closely with the Tibetan Association of Vermont to help facilitate a very meaningful and memorable day at the Vermont Statehouse.  The March 10, 2016 Vermont House Resolution in support of Tibet and Governor Shumlin’s Proclamation on the same day have both set the bar high for a state’s expression of support for Tibet.  Thank you for working so hard to help make these expressions of support a reality.”


Jill and John, January 31, 2017
“We are always available to support you and the Vermont government in any and all actions at home as well. As always, we thank you for representing us!”


Erika, January 31, 2017
“Thank you for your thoughtful response and optimism!”


Marcy, January 19, 2017
“Thanks so much for your efforts and optimism, Maida!”


Gary, May 8, 2016
“I hope you like chocolate fudge cake and homemade bath soap because you’re getting them!! I’m really impressed how you took up this issue and got it all straightened out for the Vermont bicycling community.”


Sarah, March 29, 2016
“I see you over there greening up all year round and really appreciate your efforts in that area!!”


Lucy, March 15, 2016
“Hi, I feel much better also about this issue after reading your emails. Thank you for all the time you spent and forwarding on to me.” 


Nancy, March 12, 2016
“We cannot begin to thank you enough! Your efforts have made an inspiring difference in the lives of the Tibetans in Vermont and beyond… The House resolution you helped draft and pass is powerful and meaningful… And, to top it off, your facilitation of the meeting which lead to the Governor’s proclamation and the Governor’s personal audience with the Tibetan community was truly amazing….”


William, February 22, 2016
“You seem to be the only one listening… Thank You.” 


Brian, February 18, 2016
“I mostly appreciate your letter because of your efforts as a House Rep for all So. Burlington residents, a difficult role to play. Yet you were willing to take a stand on this serious community issue.” 


Alan, February 18, 2016
“Take care, and wonderful to hear from you… my wife will also be thrilled to hear that you wrote, as she’s a big fan! Warmest regards…” 


Patrick, February 11, 2016
“Thanks for the excellent follow-through, Maida.” 


Jane, January 22, 2016
“Thank you for the update. I’m glad it’s so close to being fixed and I will gladly let you know when the lights are on! I really appreciate your help on this. Your prompt support has gotten me enthused about getting more involved in my community in future.” 


David, January 12, 2016
“Thank you so very much for the follow-up. Keep up the good work in Montpelier.” 


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